Honda Genuine Brake fluid has a high boiling point, which allows for it to continue to work under high braking pressure.

Honda Genuine Brake Fluid is also formulated to protect against corrosion, which extends the life and improves the reliability of the braking system's individual components.

Additionally, Honda Genuine Brake Fluid aids in reducing leaks and reducing any fluid loss to a minimum.

What is it?

Brake fluid is a hydraulic fluid that is used in the system. It works because liquids aren't compressible, so pressing on the brakes increases the pressure in the system, which increases the pressure from the brakes on the brake rotor to slow or stop your vehicle.

What does it do?

When you press on the brakes of your vehicle, the brake fluid transfers that pressure to the brake pads. The brake fluid is the key component that 'connects' the brake pedal to the brakes.

When to replace?

Brake fluid will absorb water from the moisture in the air. While brake fluid has a high boiling point, the absorbed water does not. When applying the brakes, heat builds in the system. If the water absorbed into the fluid boils, it will cause bubbles in the braking system, which could prevent it from working at all.

This means that brake fluid will degrade over time regardless of how much the vehicle has been driven.

Since brakes are the number 1 safety device in your vehicle, it is important to regularly replace your brake fluid to avoid a loss of braking performance when it is most critically needed.

Consult with your service advisor at Mississauga Honda to have your vehicle's brake fluid replaced according to your vehicle's recommended maintenance schedule, or as required.