Engine Antifreeze/Coolant


Honda Genuine Antifreeze/Coolant is designed to perform under extreme hot and cold conditions, and to protect against corrosion and rust of the components of the cooling system.

What is it?

Antifreeze and Coolant are the same thing, and it is used to cool your Honda's engine by flowing through the vehicles radiator and other cooling system components. Antifreeze keeps the engine operating at its ideal temeprature without boiling or freezing. The fluid in Honda Genuine Antifreeze/Coolant is specially designed for your Honda, and can't be replaced with water, or other types of coolant or antifreeze.

What does it do?

Engine coolant absorbs heat that is generated from the engine, and keeps it running at its ideal temperature. It also lets the vehicle operate at extremely low temperatures without freezing while also protecting components from corrosion.

When to replace?

Honda Genuine Coolant deterioriates over time, and needs to be replaced periodically. Consult with your Service Advisor at Mississauga Honda to determine the maintenance schedule recommended by your Honda's Owner's manual.

Also make sure to check your coolant level regularly and keep it at the recommended levels with regular service.