Honda Brake Parts


Honda brake components are designed to match your vehicle's original specifications, and allow you to maintain the original performance and reliability that you're used to from your Honda.

What is it?

Brakes on a vehicle work as a system with a number of different parts. The brake parts that need regular replacement include brake pads, and rotors.

What does it do?

Brakes on your Honda work by the brake pads being compressed against the spinning rotor, which creates friction to slow your vehicle to a stop.

When to replace?

Every time you push on your brake pedal, a small bit of the braking material is worn off. This causes for brakes to wear out over time when the brakes are used. Depending on the amount you drive, how often, driving conditions, and your personal driving habits, brakes will wear out at different rates for everyone.

Since brakes are the most important safety system on your vehicle, it is important to have your brake system inspected regularly, and to replace them when worn out.

Consult with your service advisor at Mississauga Honda to have your brakes inspected with service, and replaced when neccessary.