Honda Cabin Air Filter


Honda Genuine air filters remove allergens from the air including pollen, dust, and other pollutants like smog and mold.

What is it?

Cabin air filters are typically made out of a paper-like cotton, or other similar materials.

What does it do?

Honda genuine Cabin Air Filters filter the air that is being circulated inside of your car. This means that it is filtering the air you breathe, and that comes out of the vents for heating or air conditioning.

Put simply, it cleans the air you breathe.

When to replace?

Cabin air filters get dirty over time as they capture particulates. When air filters get dirty, they do not work as well because airflow is restricted.

Cabin air filters should be replaced regularly, or when you start to notice a musty smell when turning on the ventilation in your car.

Consult with your service advisor at Mississauga Honda to have your cabin air filter inspected and replaced according to your honda vehicle's recommended maintenance schedule.