Honda Synthetic Oil


Honda OW-20 engine oil is fully-synthetic, and formulated to better provide protection from breakdown. This allows for engines to run cleaner. Honda OW-20 engine oil is a thinner fluid, and flows faster, which means that it starts circulating in the engine more quickly, which reduces temperatures and improves performance in cold-starts when the majority of engine wear occurs.

What is it?

Honda Genuine OW-20 synthetic oil is forumalated specifically for the precision standards of quality set by Honda, and are recommended for use for your Honda vehicle's full life.

What does it do?

Honda OW-20 synthetic oil lubricates, seals, and cools the engine. Overall the engine oil is protects your engine from wear over time, allows for it to run smoothly and efficiently, and better maintains all friction and engine-wear components.

When to replace?

OW-20 synthetic oil breaksdown over time, and from continued use. Consult with your service advisor at Mississauga Honda to determine the recommended moil change maintenance schedule specific by your Honda's Owner's Manual, or maintenance minder (if equipped).