Hydraulic Clutch Fluid


Honda Genuine Hydraulic Clutch Fluid has a high boiling point, protects against corrosion, and limits leaks to a minimum.

What is it?

Hydraulic Clutch Fluid is brake fluid that gets used in the hydraulic clutch, and is used on vehicles that have a manual transmission.

What does it do?

Hydraulic clutch fluid is a hydraulic fluid that transfers pressure from the clutch pedal in vehicles with a manual transmission to the clutch itself. The hydraulic fluid works because liquids don't compress, so it transfers pressure directly without any delays.

When to replace?

Hydraulic clutch fluid requires replacement for the same reasons as brake fluids, it absorbs water from the atmosphere that reduces its performance by reducing its boiling point.

Contact your service advisor at Mississauga Honda to have your vehicle's Hydraulic Clutch Fluid replaced according to your vehicle's regular maintenance schedule, or as required.