What is an A/C Inspection?

What is an A/C Inspection?

An A/C inspection is done to ensure the air conditioning system is working correctly and pumping clean, fresh air into the cabin. Air conditioning systems in vehicles are sealed but leaks can occur over time, resulting in decreased cooling performance

Why is an A/C inspection necessary?

An A/C system in a vehicle includes a number of complex parts working together to dehumidify and cool the air being circulated. Over time and with use, the A/C system can develop leaks, or result in worn-out compressors and condensers which prevent the A/C system from functioning as intended.

An A/C inspection includes a technician reviewing all components of the A/C system to confirm proper working order.

When to get an A/C inspection?

For most vehicles, the A/C system does not need to be regularly 'recharged' or topped off if the A/C system is cooling and circulating air as expected.

However, if your vehicle is circulating warm air when the A/C is on, is not circulating air at all, or if the defroster isn't clearing fogged-up windows, there may be an issue with the air conditioning system.

Consult with your Service Advisor at Mississauga Honda if your A/C system is not functioning as expected and have an inspection completed as necessary.