What is a Low-Mileage Inspection?

What is a Low-Mileage Inspection?

A low-mileage inspection is undertaken to look for wear and tear of components and make sure all the parts work accordingly.

Why is a Low-Mileage Inspection necessary?

Suppose you have purchased a new vehicle or a used vehicle with low mileage. In that case, we recommend bringing it into a certified shop where service specialists can take a look and maintain the car before it starts having severe wear and tear. Owning a vehicle comes with lots of costs and responsibilities, and the more you take care of the car, the longer it will last.

When should I bring in my car for a Low-Mileage Inspection?

  • It's a new vehicle under warranty, and it has reached 20,000 KM.
  • It's a used vehicle that you have recently purchased
  • Beginning of the winter season or if you are planning a long summer trip before your trip.