What is an A/C Inspection?

What is an A/C Inspection?

An A/C inspection is done to ensure the A/C is working correctly and pumping fresh air into the cabin. Even though the air conditioning system in vehicles is sealed, leaks can occur, and therefore an A/C inspection is required.

Why is an A/C inspection necessary?

We highly recommend getting an A/C inspected to ensure you and your passengers breathe clean and fresh air and make specific temperatures well regulated inside the cabin. Especially in Canadian winter, having an adequately handled temperature inside of the vehicle is highly recommended.

When to get an A/C inspection?

There are 3 apparent signs to which you should get an A/C inspection.

  • You will feel warm air blowing from your A/C, which happens due to low Freon levels in your air conditioner.
  • When you turn on the vehicle's A/C conditioner, you will hear a "click" sound which tells the clutch engaging. If the Freon levels are too low, the clutch will fail to engage, which means there's not enough refrigerant for the compressor to pressurise.
  • An obvious sign is visible refrigerant leaks. A refrigerant leak is a serious issue, and if you notice it, we highly recommend turning the A/C off and bringing it in for repair. If there's a leak, it will be a "thin" greasy substance that will appear under the hood around the compressor, inside the cabin or under your vehicle.